Kelli watson

As an academic and skateboarder, I have been able to combine my passions through a range of projects. I completed a master’s degree in 2017 through which I conducted extensive research into a range of areas using a pedagogical approach to understand skateboarding culture, community and its prospects. I am currently involved in various skateboarding and creative projects and have had the opportunity to liaise with a range of highly regarded people from within the global Skateboarding community.

My own project WeCanFly started as part of my master’s degree, and has evolved into a series of documentaries and a platform for skateboarding creatives. The project focuses on how and why skateboarders tend to be creatives and how the arts and skateboarding can support learning and well-being. As part of the project I have had the privilege of interviewing skateboarders such as Chad Muska, Ed Templeton, Karl Watson and Nick Jenson on these subjects. The films have been premiered in London, Manchester, Vienna and California. I am currently writing for Dose Skateboarding Magazine on a series of articles called Inside the Mind of, which explores the divergent effects of skateboarding and creativity on mental health and well-being. Writing for Dose has given me the opportunity to interview skateboarders from across Europe and America. In addition, I am also working with the mental health charity The Its Okay Project on their skateboarding projects as well as making social media content and both written and video interviews for the charities online and print media.

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